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 ok so im in a dliema. and a slightly large one in fact. i like vinnie. i like vinnie a lot. not only that,but hes off limits since casey dated him. idk what to do. hes such a good friend and i feel like i fi tell him, it would just be weird. if i dont, then ill just be sad all the time. hes still hung up on meghan anyway. so i would just be wasting my time. like i know he doesnt like me like that, but hes just.. so different. idk theres somethingabout him, almosst a charlie bartlett factor. everything lately has just been so blaaah. first off, i stole a fucking lighter from seven eleve. and honest to god..out of impulse. it was just there. and now im buggin because jen latteri got ccaught and shes fucked. a lighter>! a fucking lighter, i dont even need a lighter. why the fuck would i take a lighter. whats wrong with matches? i dont even need matches! i dont need any of it! im buggin out. ughughugh i hate life.



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