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 so upstate newyork was SO much fun. thank you sososososooo much maranda. the pictures came out great it was so beautiful up there. the house we stayed in was AMAZING it kind of reminded me of the Cullen's house form the twilight movie :P. school hasnt really gotten anybetter, i still don't have many friends.. only a few. i miss my rbc friends a lot but hey, what can ya do? im failing geometry.. there goes a career in surgery.  ive been talking to vinnie like a lot lately. he is inlove with meghan and it makes me sad to see him not able to be her boyfriend. one day though, maybe hell tell her how he feels. if he told her what he tells me, shed have a heart attack. he's like.. edward cullen with what he says. hahaha. i love him hes such a good friend.  cameron has turned into shaunas bitch and it pisses me off cause thats SO not him. my first homecoming dance was a fucking joke. everyone was so dressed up and i went in a cotton dress and old leggings from the gap.. level lower on my highschool social status, awesome <3. i saw the movie Garden State for the first time the other day and it has become one of my new favorite movies, its so so good you should see it. i asked marnie about meds and she told me to talk to my mom and i did. she said shed think about it. thats good right? gaah life haha.


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